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With 30 years of experience in the antiques business we offer you an exclusive collection of authentic bronzes, sculptures, figurines, bookends, lamps, paintings, silverware and other objects.

We specialize in original Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculpture and decorative arts.
In our gallery you will also find antiques, collectors items and modern design.
Please take a look at our collection. We have about 200 objects available on our website with pictures, full description and price. All items can be purchased online and shipping costs are provided for each item. 

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Antique bronze sculpture male nude athlete

Paul Moye

€ 3800

Art Deco silver plated centerpiece


€ 950 SOLD

Art Deco bronze sculpture of a nude.

Emmanuel Andrew Cavacos

€ 3200

French Art Deco bookends cat and snail.

H. Moreau

French Art Deco bronze bust of a man, Le Rhone

André César Vermare

Art Deco bronze sculpture of two birds on a branch

Andre Vincent Becquerel

€ 1450

Art Deco vase with birds.

Charles Catteau, Keramis

€ 3750

Art Deco bookends with reading nudes.

Max Le Verrier

Art Deco waist paper basket

Emile Jacques Ruhlmann.

€ 1650

French Art Deco sculpture nude disc dancer

Derenne, Marcel Bouraine

€ 850

Art Deco paper basket for the desk

Emile Jacques Ruhlmann.

€ 750

Art Deco bronze bust of a girl

A. Kelety

€ 1850

Seventies bronze sculpture.


€ 750

French Art Nouveau bronze letter wax seal with nude.


€ 350 SOLD

French Art Deco bookends with sitting nudes


€ 1450

Mephistopheles, Art Nouveau bronze letter opener
Modern bronze sculpture figure with ball.

Stefan Vladov

€ 2850

French Art Deco ram bookends

Max Le Verrier

€ 1150

Art Deco dancer with cymbals.

Fayral, Pierre Le Faguays

€ 850

Art Deco bronze of hunting dog.


Antique bronze crab inkwell

€ 750

Art Deco bronze sculpture male nude with spear

K. Möbius

€ 8500

Art Nouveau gilt bronze nude dancer with apple

L. Delapchier

€ 6500

Art Deco bronze sculpture female nude dancer

Lucien Alliot

€ 8500

Art Deco silvered bronze Pierrette or female clown

Marcel Bouraine

€ 3800

Victory, Art Deco bronze athlete with palm leaf

Pierre Le Faguays

€ 4800

Art Deco bronze bookends nymph and faun, satyr

Pierre Le Faguays.

€ 3950

Art Deco gilt bronze nude hoop dancer

Marcel Andre Bouraine.

€ 4950